Homo Academicus / Le Boş 

21. Last of the 6 children born to a middle class Pakistani family.

Engaged in meaningless inquiry into the mankind. Student of politics, society and psyche. Hates numbers, yet loves statistics. Workaholic; exhausted by failures; optimist! Existentialist in head; anarchist in thought; social in life; and sufi in breath. Interested in poetry; literature; and truth. A fond of abstraction, yet a prisoner of reality. A dreamer in the day; sleeper in the night. Stranger to himself; exposed to all; and friends with a few. Rebellious at heart; tame at mind; and calm at soul!

Areas of interest: critical theory, international inequality, uneven development, good governance, macroeconomics, international political economy, symbolic violence, discourse analysis, relative mobility, abnormal psychology, trauma, and cultural psychiatry.

This blog covers a wide range of topics – from poetry to politics; sacred to society and sanity to psychiatry! Until I master another language, posts are in English, Urdu and Turkish.