Academic / Analyst / Aladdin

Twice in a man’s life, he is confused about himself. First confusion starts with the accident of birth and second entraps him when he is asked to introduce himself. Between this duality of confusions, the first one is rather easy to overcome by expressing mounted anxiety through crying and seeking recognition of one’s existence from the people around. Second, however, is permanently perplexing and repetitive throughout the life of an individual. An introduction that spans beyond his name is a demonstration of man’s alienation from himself. How can a man describe himself while his idenity is all about the attributes associated to him by other men around? A man lives in the words of others who have power to label him as they please. Thus, one should never be compelled to introduce himself; otherwise, the reality starts crumbling and one plunges into the abyss of introspection. And, there is no end to introspection for those who live!

You already know my name – and introduction should end there. I am as confused about myself as Sartre, Camus and Kafka were. I am even confused about my name. Abdul, Abdul Basit, Abdul Basit Adeel, Adeel? Who knows? I exist: living is yet another question. I breathe fire, eat mud, and drink clouds. I have no no color, no race, no age, no face, no body – if you can actually see! I am the one who should not be introduced: I am myself, I am you, and I am no one!