Ongoing Projects

* listed in the order of expected completion/submission.

    1. A paper on the ‘scientization of society’ by way of theorizing science as an autonomous institution with David Baker. (Field: Sociology of Knowledge/Science, Social Theory, New Institutionalism) (Under Review).

    2. A paper of the emergence of epistemic community around Water-Energy-Food Nexus as a result of science diplomacy with David Baker and Julian Prieto. (Field: Sociology of Knowledge/Science) (Under Review).

    3. A paper on social contagion of ethnoreligious lynchings in India from 2009-2019 (Field: Collective Violence, Social Contagion, Deterrence, Criminology) [almost ready for journal submission].

    4. A paper leveraging a natural experiment (two consecutive elections) to highlight the electoral dynamics of hate against refugees using Twitter data. (Field: Political Sociology, Collective Behavior, Computational Social Science).

    5. A paper on the evolution of attitudes of Turkish folks towards Syrian refugees using millions of tweets over a span of 13. years (Field: Political Sociology, Collective Behavior, Computational Social Science).

    6. A paper on a century of riots in Uttar Pradesh, India with Barry Ruback (late) (Field: Social Psychology, Collective Behavior, Collective Violence) [almost ready for journal submission].

    7. A paper (series) on theorizing headscarf removal (Field: Sociology of Religion, Narrative analysis, Collective Behavior) [presenting first paper at SSSR’s meeting in Utah].

    8. A paper on how narratives affect the consumption of TV serials. (Field: Computational Social Science, Cultural Sociology).

    9. A paper on network dynamics and success in cultural markets with Daniel Dellaposta (Field: Computational Social Science, Cultural Sociology, Team Science).

    10. A paper on breakthroughs and diffusion of ideas across disciplines with David Baker and others. (Field: Sociology of Knowledge/Science, Social Theory, New Institutionalism).

    11. A paper on how conspiracy theories spread over overlapping belief networks using agent-based modeling with Daniel Dellaposta. (Field: Computational Social Science, Analytical Sociology, Collective Behavior).

    12. A paper on how engineers think. (Field: Sociology of Knowledge, Social Studies of Science, Sociology of Education).